Denied. Denied. Approved!

Will & Grace | The Third Wheel Gets the Grace

A classic line from Will & Grace.



Elvis - The ‘68 Comeback Special

Elvis – The ’68 Comeback Special

The Swear Jar

The Swear Jar


Dealing With The Public

The Tonight Show | Dealing With The Public

You’re not coming? You ain’t givin’ no assistance to me?

You’re watching HBO. It’s not TV, it’s porn.

Mad TV | Sluts and the City

Four smart, single women; taking charge of their own lives.

Control Your Parameters. Bouquet?

SNL | Deep House Dish - Tilt and Freak

SNL | Deep House Dish – Beginnings Chang: Tiny Moves

Ecstasy or Zoloft…

Mad TV | Ecstasy

…the choice is yours.