You’re watching HBO. It’s not TV, it’s porn.

Mad TV | Sluts and the City

Four smart, single women; taking charge of their own lives.


Control Your Parameters. Bouquet?

SNL | Deep House Dish - Tilt and Freak

SNL | Deep House Dish – Beginnings Chang: Tiny Moves

Ecstasy or Zoloft…

Mad TV | Ecstasy

…the choice is yours.

Dick in a Box

Dick in a Box

It’s in a box.  Thank you.

We Love You Natalie!

SNL | Natalie Portman

Gangsta Rap – Natalie Portman style on SNL

Bitch Please.

Bitch Please

Charles Schultz would be proud!

Hot Towel? Hot Towel?

Travelocity UK

You’re traveling, and they just want to take care of you! Enough said.